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At Dream Home Makeovers, we have provided personalized expert makeover and interior design services world wide for over 25 years.

Your Vision – Our Passion

We are passionate about giving you a fresh vision and making it come to life. Our home makeover experts love transforming your home into what you envisioned.
We specialize in a full service luxury experience to make your dream home makeovers come true.

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Meet Candy B.

Candy is Founder & CEO of Dream Home Makeovers (DHM). She is the chief interior designer of DHM and has been serving her clients for over 25 years. Candy founded DHM in her passion for helping people envision their dream home and bring it to life.

Candy believes creativity brings peace and joy into homes, ultimately helping her clients enjoy their home and life with their families.

DHM has seen thousands of clients change their homes and improve their lives.

In addition, Candy has achieved her mental health certification, which has helped her clients experience freedom in their mind through the home beautifying process.

With a degree from Purdue University in mental health, and certification from NAPO in Professional Organizing Training, she knows firsthand how important a comfortable home is for your mental health.

Candy has stated that her mission in life is to “help people enjoy the spaces where they live and work.”

“After becoming a single mom, I got to experience the process of remodeling several of my own homes with my children. That is when I first discovered my creative talents in beautifying homes, where I brought peace and joy to my own home and life.

This journey caused me to want to start my own company and help my clients envision and enjoy their own dream home.”

Candy B.
Founder & CEO, Dream Home Makeovers

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